There are 3 families of Eco-Isola modules to adapt to all sizes of available spaces: 


Monoside 1100 – These models have sorting openings on the same side of the module. Possibility of placing 1 to 5 modules with 1100l containers. 


Bilaside – Modules with accesses on each side; possibility ranging from 2 to 8 modules with 1100l containers. 


Monoside 360 – Same as the 1100l but more suitable for small spaces (360l containers).



Via a simple SIM card, the module data is exported to the central maintenance servers. From a distance, the maintenance service can spot and correct bugs and if an intervention on site is necessary, it contacts the local maintenance services for a rapid intervention. The customer also has access to an online platform which allows him to monitor all uses of the module, both from the point of view of users and collectors. User reports are available for download.


The idea of EcoControl modules is that they can be used as soon as the truck is unloaded. No need for heavy civil engineering work, applying for a permit or looking for impetants buried in the ground like for installing buried containers. A flat surface on which to place the container is sufficient. 


For this, and thanks to its low consumption, the module has miniature photovoltaic panels which supply the electricity necessary for the use of the module. If the module is intended for placement out of the sun, no problem, a 220V connection is sufficient.



EcoControl modules are designed so that they do not have to be hidden and can easily be used as an advertising or communication surface.


The basic version (standard gray) is simple and versatile, but the container can also be decorated according to the wishes of the customer. An HD photo or an original drawing can be printed on the whole or part of the module. Plexiglas panels can be added for more targeted communication and an LCD screen can also be placed and connected to the module.


Has the module been placed in the wrong place and needs to be moved? No worries, a phone call and that’s it.


In addition all the elements of the modules work on the principle of “plug & play” which makes its use and maintenance particularly easy.


Due to the interior space and the ease of access they offer, these modules offer many possibilities and advantages compared to buried containers.


Is the odor produced by waste (eg fermentable) strong and annoying? An odor neutralizing enzyme spray has been specially designed for the module and is used each time the corresponding door is opened.


Do you want to retain your customers or congratulate your employees on their good sorting by allowing them to acquire EcoPoints? Add a bulk goods distribution module.